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Badlands Wallpaper – Borderlands 3

Badlands Mobile Wallpaper - Borderlands 3

Badlands Mobile Wallpaper – Borderlands 3

Badlands Wallpaper - Borderlands 3

Badlands Wallpaper – Borderlands 3

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About Borderlands 3 ‘Badlands’ Wallpaper

Recently I was annoyed by a fake Borderlands 3 logo. I think it’s pretty bad, however, it’s all over the internet and Youtube is even using it for their Borderlands 3 video hub. This got me triggered to make a proper Borderlands 3 logo. I only had one problem, with the previous attempts to make a nice Borderlands 3 logo I always cheated a bit to make the text look 3D by using the black outline to define the 3D illusion. This time I experimented to create the 3D illusion and not use that cheat.

Borderlands artwork is all about the hand-painted style that gives it that personal touch. And that is also something I did for this logo. You can notice the addition of those black stripes and scribbles on the text giving it some additional detail. Even some of the shading is done in that way, reminding me of how I used to draw shading on paper in my childhood days. Although I wish I would have had a drawing pad for that stuff because doing it with a mouse is $#%^#&.

With my previous Borderlands 3 wallpapers, I focused more on the logo. For this wallpaper, I thought I wanted the landscape to be more prominent. Therefore I took a few screenshots from the Borderlands Tech Demo and blended several scenes into one without altering too much and therefore stays familiar to what you already know.

I hope you like this wallpaper if you do leave a +1 or a comment below. Thank you and enjoy!

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  1. And….saved as background!!!

  2. The color and it is perfect it is a Great wall paper! I was trying to multitask doing Twitter and Star… https://t.co/emYdrn3cYi

  3. Hey,man, how about an Bl android launcher theme for Nova or Go launcher with icons, ringtones and stuff? That would be dope! :>

  4. I think the Red/Blood color 3 would work the best.


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