Battleborn Character Wallpaper – Alani

Battleborn Cool Wallpaper - Alani
Battleborn Cool Wallpaper - Alani


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About the Battleborn Alani Wallpaper

Looking for some cool Battleborn wallpapers with your favorite character on it but all the ones out there are  very  messy. Well i might just got the thing for you then. Although i  do also have background designs that have a bit more going on to them. For this collection of Battleborn wallpapers i wanted to make a more slick design. Not a lot of fuzz just nice and clean. So if “less is more” is your thing i’m sure you are going to like these fanart. This Battleborn Wallpaper features the Eldird: Alani. The background is set in the faction color of the hero. There is a little color fade to make it less plain. Also the hero’s name and the name of the faction is written on the bottom left in the same font as Gearbox uses in the game. Next to this you will find the faction logo.

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