Battleborn Halloween Ink Wallpaper

battleborn halloween ink wallpaper


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About Halloween Ink Wallpaper

Half fan request, Half Pure awesomeness. The idea to make this wallpaper came from checking my own catalog of game wallpapers. Back in the day i made the Athena  Wallpaper for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel back. That wallpaper has a awesome style and was loved by fans and  even developers from Gearbox expressed their positive opinion about the design of that wallpaper. I always like making Borderlands wallpapers and with the arrival of Battleborn i had to change up my style a bit as i adapted a lot of Borderlands into my creations. So it was weird not having black outlines around characters and objects. Battleborn is more clean and has no more ink splatter. But what if i would do a Battleborn wallpaper that is more like the style i did with Borderlands. Battleborn has a sweet icon just like Borderlands has the vault symbol. So what if i did a more rough wallpaper.  Well that’s not actually this wallpaper. After showcasing my creation to Gearbox’s Community Manager he freaked out and thought it looked badass. But hey its that time of the year, so can you make it a bit SPOOPY for Halloween. Oke Joe, i’ll make one specially for you, but due to populair demand it’s now also up on my site for all of you to enjoy.

So if you enjoy this Badass Battleborn wallpaper or any of my other creations let me know and share the joy like Joe by using one of those social media buttons.



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  1. ?Joe

    This looks a lot like a thematic Borderlands 2 colors mashed with Battleborn. Very cool.

  2. Eric Batten

    Awesome job good sir.

  3. Ivan Lawlor

    One of your better ones !

    • MentalMars

      Thank You, it’s a bit of me returning to my Borderlands style 😀

    • Ivan Lawlor

      You can’t beat Borderlands !


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