Battleborn Hero Wallpaper – Miko

Battleborn Hero Wallpaper - Miko
Battleborn Hero Wallpaper - Miko


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About Battleborn Hero Wallpaper – Miko

A Battleborn wallpaper featuring the Eldrid hero, Miko. With this wallpaper i wanted to create a background template that i could use for each of the Battleborn Heroes. Inspired by the design of the character select page on official Battleborn website.  There is a high tech background on the site, but the compression was to bad to use for an wallpaper. I liked the design so recreated the pattern. Using the original as a base template i started layering different vector shapes on top of each other and blended these together. It’s not an exact copy as halfway in the look was  reached so i started doing some different elements. Making the background in the color of the faction we will get different sets of wallpapers. Added one universal element and that is the universe of Battleborn, the star chart  artwork. I placed the hero on the right side of the wallpaper and added a enlarged shadow layer of our Battleborn Hero on top of the background. This shadow also has an little pattern adding to the line art of the tech background. As i planned to make more wallpapers with this design i gave this serie it’s own name, so you can easily search for them and get all the versions of the Battleborn heroes.

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Miko Ability Overview

The last surviving bud of a once planet-sized fungal colony, Miko is widely known as a compassionate and very skilled healer. Now more of a combat botanist, Miko devotes her time to restoring all which can be restored and throwing kunai at things which cannot be restored.

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    Miko is the best.


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