Battleborn Hero Wallpaper Pack 1


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Battleborn Hero Wallpaper Pack 1

Battleborn Hero Wallpaper Pack 1

About Battleborn – Hero Wallpaper Pack 1

Another Battleborn wallpaper pack featuring various Battleborn heroes. This design turned out a bit different than i first imagined it to become. But i liked the aspect of the background changing into the color of each of the 5 different factions. This shift in design gave it a rich and colorful look i liked. Love me some color, but also know some of you prefer a light and clean look. But someday i’ll get to that but now we got this one. After recreating the high tech background pattern for another Battleborn Wallpaper Pack. I found that it suited the techy vibe that’s going on here and there and therefore made it’s return here.

I also planned to make more Battleborn wallpapers with this design and turn this concept into a series of wallpapers. Creating versions of all the heroes. As you might have seen this Battleborn wallpaper pack includes the following heroes.

  • Caldarius – Jennerit
  • Oscar Mike – Peacekeeper
  • Phoebe – LLC
  • Orendi – Rogue
  • Miko – Eldrid

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  • Min3vidz

    Thanks for the awesome wallpapers 🙂

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