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Battleborn – Oscar Mike Wallpaper

Battleborn - Oscar Mike Wallpaper
Battleborn - Oscar Mike Wallpaper


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About Oscar Mike Wallpaper

In Battleborn, Oscar Mike is your “basic” space marine kinda character like Master Chief of the Halo franchise. As his setup might look kinda dull with your standard rifle and frags  his strength lies within his familiarity. But don’t forget about the helix skill tree that let’s you customize those “basic” features with some badass mechanics turning them  into special abilities. You could go Rambo with Oscar Mike and go on the assault. Another side of Oscar Mike is to become more of an assassin, using his stealth generator to cloak and go in for the sneak attack.

For this Battleborn wallpaper i used Oscar Mike’s helmet as an inspiration, recreating a close up view on his visor. First i drawed the shape of the  front of the helmet with vectors. By using two different kind of metal textures i distinguish the two parts from each other. The outer texture has the green color of the Peacekeeper faction.  By adding in some soft shadows to give it that 3D look.

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Battleborn Character Introductions

Cloned to fight in a war that ended years past, Oscar Mike now brings well-crafted modern combat instincts to the Solus War, with the effective, sure fire of earnest objectives, strong missions, and excellent personal hygiene. Master of the UPR-AR7 Assault Rifle and the UPR-MkII Battle Augmented Deflective Armor Stealth Suit (yes, that acronym is indeed BADASS) .

Battleborn – Oscar Mike Wallpaper
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