Battleborn – Solus Wallpaper

Battleborn - Solus Wallpaper
Battleborn - Solus Wallpaper


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About Battleborn and the Solus  Wallpaper

Solus is the last remaining star in the universe as the galaxy as we know it is about to die. All stars are fading to grey. Super Nova’s everywhere, except Solus is still standing. All Battleborn heroes have traveled through the galaxy and gathered around this last light of hope.  The sphere  in this Battleborn Wallpaper represents  Solus, the last star. As texture is used one of the Battleborn environment screenshots.  In front of  Solus i placed Thorn, one of the Battleborn.Thorn is one of the playable heroes and is part of  Eldrid fraction. She is a elf and therefore i used a mystical background and some fairy dust for this wallpaper. Giving the Solus Wallpaper a bit more of a fantasy feel to it.  I  hope you also enjoy  this fanart of Battleborn and like  my  Solus Wallpaper and   set it as your  wallpaper  to decorate as your background theme. Don’t  forget to rate, follow and share.

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