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Battleborn Wallpaper – Black Wolf

Battleborn Wallpaper -Black Wolf
Battleborn Wallpaper -Black Wolf


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About Battleborn Wallpaper – Black Wolf

Battleborn Minion Wallpaper

Battleborn Minion Wallpaper

After the reveal of Battleborn, Gearbox Software started posting artwork of the game. One of those post contained the artwork for the little minion robots. This was the inspiration to creating the Battleborn Minion Wallpaper. This wallpaper got well received by the team at Gearbox Software . On Sept.19 2014 the first gameplay footage was shown of Battleborn and this gave a good impression of the game. During the mission in the gameplay walkthrough some radio transmissions were received by the players. There was some funny dialogue at the beginning, but later on i noticed that the player got a transmission from Black Wolf. Looking at the character art displayed by the incoming message, it looked like a minion robot. From the impression i got is that it seems that Black Wolf will play a bigger role in the story.

Black Wolf also has a different color scheme than the other minions.  While the M1 Minions are a clean white design with orange highlights, Black Wolf has a dark look. It’s not really Black and his highlight color is red. So with the transformation of the wallpaper it’s more than just swapping the colors. Because i got the impression that Black wolf is more evil i decided to make his look robust and not so shiny clean. So his armor plating is more worn then the minion robots because i see him more as a veteran robot that has seen the face of battle and survived some beating. I know it’s a bit of speculation from my part, but that’s what you can do with fanart. Also i added some smoke and red light under the armor plating to give it that evil atmosfeer. I Hope you like this Black Wolf rework of my Minion Battleborn Wallpaper. Enjoy  and hopefully you set it as your background to pimp your desktop theme, don’t  forget to rate and if you like leave a note.

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