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Battleborn Wallpaper – Rath

Battleborn Wallpaper - Rath
Battleborn Wallpaper - Rath


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About Battleborn Wallpaper – Rath

As the PR started on Battleborn and this weekend is looking good for some Battleborn Badassness. I thought it would be great to add to the joy. From the makers of Borderlands comes a whole new ip called Battleborn. As the universe is dying all life capable of space travel is going towards the last star known as Solus. One of these fractions is the Jennnerit Empire. The badass vampire samurai on my Battleborn Wallpaper is one of the members of the Jennnerit Empire. Gameplay of him can be seen in the first Battleborn gameplay footage.

Let me tell you something about my Battleborn Wallpaper featuring Rath. The color scheme is obvious but the pattern might not be. It’s actually based of the tattoo Rath has on his left arm. I imitated the design and added one that’s upside down to get this pattern. When first making this wallpaper i thought the wallpaper wouldn’t work out. I wanted to add some more of Rath’s clothing details on there, but couldn’t find the right look to it. So i left the wallpaper project sit there on my computer. After some time had passed i got back to this open project i had lying around, i thought how i would i ever fix that problem i had. But seeing the wallpaper after this while i did like the setup. So i did some final tweaking and here it is. Earlier this week i heard that hope is not a strategy but i do hope you fans like it. So enjoy and let me know what you think by giving a  Star Rating or Leave a Comment.

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Battleborn Wallpaper – Rath
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  1. @Battleborn Rath,ahh…bloody cool


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