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Battleborn wallpaper

Battleborn Wallpaper
Battleborn Wallpaper


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About Battleborn and this Wallpaper

Gearbox Software just announced that they are making a brand new franchise. Battleborn, They call it a next-gen hero-shooter where you can level up your hero just like with their award winning franchise, Borderlands, only at a more fast paced. The game also borrows elements from the moba genre, but they have evolved to fit into a more action FPS type of gameplay.   Battleborn is set in the distant future and the universe is dying, as all surviving species gather around the last star will they put aside their differences to drive back an unstoppable menace.

At this point in time i have searched the net extensively and i was not able to find any Battleborn Wallpapers, so i think it’s safe to say that i officially made the first Battleborn wallpaper. No fanart on the official Gearbox Forums has been posted or someone on DeviantArt has made any related content. Even the popular search engines could not help me either. This Battleborn wallpaper was inspired by the announcement trailer that i will post at the bottom of this article. As the description of the video games states, the universe is dying and this is something we can see at the end of the video. Planets are exploding and lives are ending with every dying star and that is what i’m showing with this desktop background. A universe with explosions all over the place, or should i say ‘space’, and with the last explosion you see the faces of the last heroes.

Let me know if you  like my fanart with this Battleborn wallpaper of Gearbox Software’s newest franchise and set it as your background to decorate your desktop, don’t  forget to rate and if you like leave a note.


  • “Now on my desktop” Randy Varnell, Creative Director on Battleborn.
  • My Battleborn Wallpaper got retweeted by the Official Battleborn twitter account.
  • This wallpaper was the header of the Battleborn sub reddit untill 1 month before the game’s release.

Battleborn Trailer

Battleborn wallpaper


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