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BL2 – Legacy Wallpaper Pack

Borderlands 2 Legacy Wallpaper Pack


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About Borderlands 2 Legacy Wallpaper Pack

The design of this wallpaper was inspired by a movie poster. When I started making Borderlands wallpapers back in 2012 I was browsing the web for some photoshop tutorials. Then I came across an interesting design and the website told me how to recreate that movie poster. But I don’t have photoshop but I do know how to create some of the effects with my design software. So I converted the poster format to a desktop background format. As I was in the zone of making Borderlands wallpapers I understood how to give it the Borderlands vibe instead of the look of the movie. Now I retouched these wallpapers and fixed some errors I made back then. I noticed some things I overlooked so I fixed those. Also back then I was more focused on the composition and made each wallpaper an artwork. But I didn’t always keep in mind how my fanart was being used. Sometimes this was by making things so messy that you couldn’t see your desktop icons. With these wallpapers, I placed the Vault logo on the left side. As an artwork, it fitted the composition but on that specific location, you also have your most important desktop icon. The My PC icon got a mask by the logo. So I moved that to the other side of the wallpaper giving you more clean space for your desktop icons. Another thing I did is that I removed the glowing effect on each bar. I got the feeling I always have to add something extra to a design. A lot of times this adds to the wallpaper, but there are times when less is more and I think I understand that better now. There is always room for improvement and we all keep learning stuff.

As you might have seen this wallpaper pack includes all the vault hunters of Borderlands 2.

  • Axton – the Commando
  • Gaigethe Mechromancer
  • Kriegthe Psycho
  • Mayathe Siren
  • Salvadorthe Gunzerker
  • Zerothe Assassin
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