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Borderlands 2 – Moonstrike Wallpaper

Borderlands 2 - Moonstrike Wallpaper
Borderlands 2 - Moonstrike Wallpaper


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About Moonstrike Wallpaper

This Borderlands wallpaper started with a nice idea back in the days, it was originally created on May 12, 2012. The concept was that you would get 2 different tones on the canvas.  The outer one is more of the old Borderlands 1 look where all things were a bit brown and dusty. But by looking through the photo you would see the new colorful Borderlands 2. By lack of resources back then because 2K Games didn’t have a lot of screenshots to work with, i transformed a desert image to have the Borderlands look. Removing some detail and adding black outlines to the objects. Also layered in the grudge texture that Borderlands 2 designs were known for. Grabbed the Hyperion Moonbase from one of the screenshots and added it this shot. Also Salvador who is driving the truck came from a official screenshot. Because of the angle of the truck i couldn’t get it straight in so i placed a big explosion behind the truck giving the impression that the shockwave would lift the truck in the air. Creating the polaroid photo frame work in the Borderlands style was a bit tricky. First tries were too clean and lacked character, i finally settled with the current design. The name Moonstrike was based of the word airstrike as the Hyperion Moonbase would shoot from orbit. Moonshots ended to be a good thing for farming the final boss in Borderlands 2.

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