Borderlands 2 “Opportunity” Wallpaper

Borderlands 2 Opporitunity Wallpaper Preview
Borderlands 2 Opporitunity Wallpaper Preview


1920x1200  1920x1080 HD Vertical Mobile

About Borderlands 2 “Opportunity” Wallpaper

Hey Guys, with this wallpaper i wanted to recreate the  skyline of the city Opportunity. In case you don’t know what i’m talking about, Opportunity is the city which Handsome Jack is building in Borderlands 2. I wanted to present this city skyline on a Borderlands like poster. Therefore i used a paper texture and a pencil tool to make random  strokes to give it that Borderlands art look and feel. In the top left corner we have original artwork from the Hyperion space station, Helios. On the right corner we have a character render from Handsome Jack looking over the city skyline. I added a bit of a   pencil effect to the render so it’s more inline with the rest of the wallpaper.

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  1. Chris Beeler

    Thank you again for me adding another EXCELLENT screensaver for the collection!U are awesome !

  2. Jonte ?

    Do you have one with all the characters?


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