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Borderlands 2 Wallpaper – Crossing the Lines

Borderlands 2 wallpaper - Crossing the Lines
Borderlands 2 wallpaper - Crossing the Lines


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About This Wallpaper:

This Borderlands 2 Wallpaper is the second Borderlands wallpaper i have ever made, it’s called Crossing the Lines. I tried to mimic the style Gearbox software set for this second game in the franchise. When i created this desktop background the character renders of the four vault hunters were just released, took me a long time cutting them out, but the end result is there. Creating those splattered lines was a tricky thing to do, but was ‘in line’ with the ink splatters that the Borderlands designers did.


  • When the wallpaper was finished i posted it on the Gearbox Forums and the reactions were great, but i had no idea this wallpaper would get picked up so well. Soon i started noticing that video game websites like IGN, destructoid and many others were using my wallpaper as featured image for borderlands 2 related articles (AWESOME).
  • Something even more Epic a friend of mine called me up saying he had seen my Wallpaper hanging in a game store promoting the game, so i whened over there to take a look, EPICNESS CONFIRMED! The guy working there loved the Original Borderlands and was hyped about the second game, to promote the game in his store he went online and looked up the most badass image he could find.
  • I stumbled across a image on google and took a closer look, it looked like my borderlands wallpaper but a bit pixelated. I don’t know who made it, but someone remade the Crossing the Lines wallpaper in Minecraft with those tiny blocks, OMG that most have taken a while to recreate.
  • To promote the Borderlands 2 , a graffiti painting was made at Gamescom, you could follow the creation through a live stream even a twitter account was made for this project. The Work of Art account had this wallpaper set as background.
  • When Borderlands 2 was getting it’s release on PS Vita, the official Borderlands Facebook page and the 2K Games Twitter account where using this wallpaper to promote the PS Vita build of the game. It was even placed as mockup inside a PS Vita. At this point i’m wondering if Gearbox software even knows who made this (fan)art.
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