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Borderlands 2 Wallpaper – Zero Deception

Borderlands 2 Wallpaper - Zero Deception
Borderlands 2 Wallpaper - Zero Deception


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About Borderlands 2 Wallpaper – Zero Deception

Zero the Assassin, his action skill is Deception. During this move Zero turns invisible and is able to freely move around the battlefield unnoticed. Unlike Lilith’s Phasewalk skill Zero is able to take damage as he is only cloaked and not moving through other dimensions. Zero does throw out a decoy that draws aggro from your enemies. As Zero moves unseen he’s able to deal  a massive blow to his opponent dealing lot’s of damage.

Decepti0n has a base cooldown of 15 seconds and gives up to +650% Melee Damage or +200% Gun Damage and +250% Gun Critical Hit Damage.

This wallpaper was originally made when not a lot was known of the game, Borderlands 2 wan’t even released. Even less was known about Zero because Gearbox & 2K wanted him to be mysterious. One thing was talked about and that is that the screen goes blue as Zero goes into stealth mode and sees critical spots on the enemies. This was the basis for my wallpaper back in the days , no footage was shown of Zero’s action skill. So i  took it upon myself to envision that skill. I imagined how it would look and tried to incorporate this into a wallpaper.

Challenge #1 – Make Zero cloak.
Well i thought this would be quite hard to do. My first try was a bit hard on the edges, but learning from that i redid the whole thing with a different approach and viola.

Challenge #2 – Make Critical spots.
How to highlight Critical spots noticeable ? Well i went for the heatmap solution making low damage spots dark and critical spots red. Added a red outline to  the enemy to highlight the bullymong overall. Also gave it a bit of a hologram look by adding little red lines on top of it.

Another thing i  thought was fun to incorporate with this skill is the addition of extra enemy stats. Just like when you are inspecting a gun that a gun charts pops-up  telling you all it’s stats. I envisioned this for the enemies making some intel more open and out there. I wasn’t making those awesome menu overlays back then so it was a bit basic. Also the Hex grid on the background overlay wasn’t perfect. I wanted to be the same as the grid shown on Zero’s suit, kept  it because i liked the fact that it had a extra little square between them.

Borderlands 2 Wallpaper - Zero Deception

Borderlands 2 Wallpaper – Zero Deception

Remastered Edition

When transferring this  Borderlands 2 Wallpaper to my website the design of Zero was way off. So i made some adjustments to Zero’s wallpaper. With little tweaks to the life & shield bar, but also changing up the icon. A more noticeable change is the effect on the bullymong, no more heatmap but binary code running on top of it’s skin. Gave it a 50/50 look so it wasn’t a blurry/shiny object. Zero also got some adjustments to his cloaked look. Didn’t want to change it up all that much to keep most of the original design. I did fixed the Hex grid this time around.

I hope you enjoy this new version of my Borderlands Wallpaper Featuring Zero the Assassin. Let me know what you think, did i do a good job or do you prefer the original ? If so i also got it for you right here.

Classic 1920x1080 Version
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Zero Trailer

Borderlands 2 Wallpaper – Zero Deception
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