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Borderlands 3 “Embrace the Flame” Wallpaper

Borderlands 3 Wallpaper - Embrace The Flame - Preview
Borderlands 3 Wallpaper - Embrace The Flame - Preview


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About Borderlands 3 ‘Embrace the Flame’ Wallpaper

Hey guys, I made this Borderlands 3 wallpaper after the Super Smash Bros Meme I made. This concept actually started off as a joke on the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Trailer. However, I started liking the design, and because there were a lot of positive reactions to the image I    upgraded it so it would fit on your screen. I hope you like this wallpaper, if so please use one of those social media buttons to show it off. Thanks & Enjoy!

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I'm a Content Creator by day and a BattleBread Baker at night. I'll provide you with your recommended slice of entertainment! I'm a Gearbox Community Badass and a proud member of the official Borderlands & Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Creator Team (2K Games / NextMakers).

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  1. Hawt!

  2. Edoardo vedo un clappy

  3. I can see some Smash similarities here, happened in a Nintendo Direct not long ago. ?

  4. Is this the official one or no

  5. And ANOTHER SHOWSTOPPER!?We miss the attention to the STILL awesome -inspiring Borderlands series!!And… https://t.co/hVEjO2DnHh

  6. Favorite Wallpaper logo yet btw!??


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