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Borderlands 3 “Omen” Wallpaper

Borderlands 3 “Omen” Wallpaper – Mobile Preview

Borderlands 3 “Omen” Wallpaper – Preview

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The Story behind the Borderlands 3 “Omen” Wallpaper

A little while back I  challenged myself to create a 3D version of the Borderlands 3 logo. You can see a sample of that in the Badlands wallpaper. In that wallpaper, I only had the text finished. For this wallpaper, I also wanted to create a 3D version of the Vault symbol. The only issue I had with this wallpaper was the presentation. The BL3 logo is the main star of the design, but how do you make it shine? Initially, I had the same backdrop as the “Shadows of the Past” Borderlands 3 Wallpaper, which is cool but then the two wallpapers would be pretty similar. Another setup I used is the “Bloodshot” Borderlands 3 Wallpaper, while the BL3 symbol in that wallpaper is flat the main look of the design would be different. However, it would still have been a quick copy and paste job. Therefore I changed the red blood splatter to the ink blue brush and yellow splatters. This effect is something I noticed in the Borderlands 2 VR announcement trailer. That video has a lot more color and cartoon effects than previous Borderlands 2 trailers. I don’t know if the Borderlands 3 marketing will go in the same direction or if this was just a one-time thing.

I hope you like this Borderlands 3 wallpaper and if you start using this one or any of my other Borderlands wallpapers as your background image, send me a photo or screenshot. I love to see you use it as it also motivates me to make more cool stuff for you. Thanks & Enjoy!

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  1. Like all your work, quality!

  2. Big .com logo ruins it. Thanks though.

    • Logo looks to “real” other people would steal it and claim it as there own. Usually I would just add a small watermark in the corner. Even the smaller watermarks have been removed in the past.

      This BL2 Wallpaper is commonly used by youtubers/media/game sites/etc. sadly someone erased my watermark. There is also a version that erased the BL2 logo, but left a small smudge in the right corner. https://mentalmars.com/wallpapers/double-shot-bandit-wallpaper-borderlands-2/

    • MentalMars that’s a shame, sorry to hear that. 😞

  3. very nice as always! 😀

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