Borderlands 3 'Shadows From The Past' Wallpaper - Preview

Borderlands 3


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Borderlands 3 ‘Shadows from the Past’ Wallpaper

Borderlands 3 'Shadows From The Past' Wallpaper - Preview

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About Borderlands 3 ‘Shadows from the Past’ Wallpaper

Hey guys i made this badass Borderlands 3 wallpaper and this one got me excited as i was making it. At first the design wasn’t really coming to life, however with each iteration it got better and better. When i thought i was done i was considering this design to have several color schemes and once i started playing around with that it just popped.  Yes it reminds me of the Borderlands 2 logo setup now, but it all comes nicely together. So there is your reference to the past, the shadow part if refering to the new hand drawn shader effect from the Borderlands Techdemo that i used. I hope you like this wallpaper if so, please use one of those social media buttons to show it off. Thanks & Enjoy!

  • You lied to us lol

    • The Wallpaper still looks awesome right 😃

    • Yeah i guess lol

    • Brian Keithline The twitter account is still a thing though. Not sure what’s up with that.

    • Borderlands just hates us

    • Brian Keithline The expectations are high and PR needs to manage that. Therefore they need a solid vertical slice of the game and don’t create this impossible expectation that they then should hit.

  • And Battleborn? :'(

    • Hombre por favor

    • Siguire esperando la actualizacion hasta el fin del mundo :’v

    • La actualización llegará pero no Ahora

    • Que mrd la dvd :v

    • Hay que darle tiempo al tiempo después de todo será la última actualización en un tiempo

    • Vas 2 grandes actualizaciones, y envez de mejorar enpeoran, creo que me estoy artando un poquito con GearBox :’v

    • Bajarle el daño a Benedict eso seria un gran cambio

    • Si, tambien a Thorn, a Attikus (su error del helice), creo que todos nesecitan algun arreglo. Estaba mejor en la Beta :’v

    • Quiero mas daño para mi waifu

    • Orendi? Miko? Alani? Phoebe? Cual de todas we ? :’v

    • Orendi, no se puede, su daño de habilidad la compensa mucho

    • Miko, tampoco, el es soporte, bajar 70 por golpe es mucho aun.

    • Beatrix ella no sana al menos que ataque

    • Phoebe, tampoco, tiene velocidad de ataque moustrosa, y ponerle daño seria algo loco :v

    • Beatrix es soporte, disminuye la curacion en un 50%, de hecho Beatrix es un 80% soporte ahora que me doy cuenta :’v

    • Disminuye la curacion, debilita, otorga velocidad y daño de ataque a los aliados, es francotiradora, tiene que tener baja HP

    • I’m not sure what you guys are talking about. But there is still Battleborn content coming up. Today i also made a few new wallpapers that i still need to upload

    • Do not worry, he was talking about the update coming up.

    • I’ll start playing again if Battleborn makes Claptrap a playable character. WUB WUB

    • Joshua Goodman ISIC is getting the Claptrap skin and voice modulation

  • I thought this was actual artwork for the game. Im calling the cops.

    • Thanks for the compliment 😁(No Cops Plz)

  • Zac Sellers Levi Powell

  • Why must you hurt me so……… 😓

    • Not hurt, i’m supplying you with badass content. This way you can get a head start on the enjoyment, because an announcement is coming.

      • Chris Beeler

        Hey MENTALMARS.YOUR BADASS COMMUNITY HAS YOUR BACK!!!! AND TO THOSE FEW OF YOU THAT CALLED HIM ANY NAMES AND FAILED TO MENTION A “THANK YOU”,You obviously don’t give a shit or are too lame to care about ALL HE DOES FOR THIS GAME!You people are ignorant to make fun of the MAN WHO HELPED GIVE US THESE GAMES!!!!

  • You dick. I got all excited 😭

    • sorry normally i don’t pull these stunts, but i got so excited about making this piece of art that i wanted to share it with the world. However if you are waiting on an official announcement i’ll keep you up2date on everything Borderlands (News, shift codes, fanart, wallpapers, etc). Gearbox and 2K Games support my channels.

    • I would definitely like that haha. Long as it isn’t like tales from the borderlands, that one really sucked.

    • William Harris It doesn’t look like we will be getting a season 2 of tales. Occasionally i will have a tales wallpaper, but the other games in the franchise will have the opperhand. Once BL3 does get announced that content will be more featured. Currently also still doing some Battleborn content.

  • Montana Mason

  • David Zavala

  • I wanna cry 😂😂😂😂

    • Is my wallpaper that bad ?

    • MentalMars no I’ve been checking up once a week for any news about Borderlands 3 or the new title and thought this was it. It made my day from bad to good then I saw it was a wallpaper and just, half my brain cells committed suicide knowing it was a wallpaper.

    • sorry to have mislead you. normally don’t pull these stunts. I do post Borderlands and Battleborn news, art, shift codes, and some other stuff up on my channel. I’m pretty well informed as i have contacts at GBX and 2K games

  • I want Borderland 3 so Badly!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

    • Same here! Gearbox is being vague about it atm, but it’s coming.

  • People getting upset.
    Follow faggy people, win faggy prizes.

    • I missing some context regarding your comment

  • And….it’s My Homepage Also.:) Can’t Stop the GEARBOX GANG! No one makes em this cool…..

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