Borderlands Classic Weapon Wallpaper Pack

Borderlands Classic Weapon Wallpaper Pack
Borderlands Classic Weapon Wallpaper Pack

About Borderlands Classic Weapon Wallpaper Pack

During the promotion of Borderlands 2 back in  2012, Gearbox Software and 2K Games released some artwork from the different weapon manufactures.  While having done a lot of Borderlands Wallpapers with the different Vault Hunters i hadden’t  done a wallpaper that featured the weapons them self.  And Borderlands is all about guns so how can i not put them in the spotlight. So cutting out the different weapon artwork i had to come up with a design that reflects the company.  For example with Jakobs it’s all about western and wooden stocks, so i started using the wood element for that wallpaper.  With the Dahl  i tried creating a  camo texture and for the Torgue and Hyperion wallpaper i tried a more poster look. The coolest concept i find is the Tediore wallpaper, as you throw these guns away instead of reload, it will digistruct a new version of that weapon in your hand. I tried recreate this effect with the gun and extended the look to the background. I remember having a lot of trouble creating the Bandit wallpaper, i couldn’t come up with a cool design but i wanted to make one. So i think that one became a bit of a general design. I knew by that time that the bandits didn’t like Tiny Tina so i put up a poster of Tina  with some graffiti on it so the bandits would warn each other about her.



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  1. Which Torgue weapon is THAT?! 😀

    • Some of the concept art weapons didnt make it into the game. I believe the kerblaster comes close to this.


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