Borderlands – Jakobs Wallpaper

Borderlands - Jakobs Wallpaper
Borderlands - Jakobs Wallpaper


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About Borderlands – Jakobs Wallpaper

Jakobs is the old west weapon manufacture in Borderlands. This brand even got highlighted in the Zombie DLC for the original Borderlands. Their weapons are extremely powerful Marcus Munitions even promotes this brand by saying: “If it took more than one shot you weren’t  using a Jakobs“.  The old west theme is all about wood, bronze and leather. So i used these elements to create this Jakobs Wallpaper.  A old wooden background  with a leather layer on top of it. On the leather i added a bronze like  Jakobs logo. Hopefully you like my Borderlands wallpaper of the Jakobs weapon manufacture. Enjoy and let me know if you set this wallpaper  to decorate your background theme. Don’t  forget to rate, follow and share.

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  1. Awesome ! Power 2 the Vault Hunter

  2. Abraham GV

    Esta más muerto este juego…

  3. Dean Gibbons

    @Borderlands I’ve had this wallet for years


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