Borderlands the Pre-Sequel – Nisha Wallpaper

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel - Nisha Wallpaper
Borderlands the Pre-Sequel - Nisha Wallpaper


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About Borderlands and This Nisha Wallpaper

Nisha the Lawbringer, the bandit that kills bandits. Nisha is the sherif of lynchwood and the girlfriend of Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2. She is one of the characters that Borderlands writer, Anthony Burch regrets killing off in the second game. But the good thing with prequels is that you can bring back those characters from the dead, so now Nisha is a playable vault hunter in the Pre-Sequel. Nisha is a real badass because she was born bad! She has got the whole gunslinger vibe and as top tier skill she has the ability to dual wield any pistol.

With this Nisha wallpaper the serie continues in the style that i made with the first Claptrap Wallpaper a while back.  I created a vault logo with a moon texture and set in space just like Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. Looking through the Vault logo you can see Elpis, Pandora’s Moon. Elpis stands for hope and hopefully you like my latest fanart with this Nisha wallpaper of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and set it as your background to pimp your desktop theme, don’t  forget to rate and if you like leave a note.

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  1. Sue Walsh

    @Borderlands Awesome wallpaper, bl tps doesn’t get enough love.

  2. GhostlyRob

    @Borderlands Is Borderlands 2 VR coming on disc? Or is it just digital?


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