Borderlands the Pre-Sequel – Claptrap Wallpaper

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel - Claptrap Wallpaper
Borderlands the Pre-Sequel - Claptrap Wallpaper


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About This ClapTrap Wallpaper

CL4P-TP also known as ClapTrap is a Hyperion bot and the first NPC you encounter in every Borderlands video game, he is there to guide you with your first steps on Pandora. Now with the upcoming Borderlands the Pre-Sequel that takes place on Pandora’s Moon, Elpis, he is one of the playable Vault Hunters. Elpis stands for hope, but if you got faith in Claptrap is something i have to think about 😉 After winning a contest of Biggest Borderlands fan here in Holland i got to travel to Gamescom (Germany) and got a VIP session with Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and got to play as ClapTrap as one of the first people here in europe. It was a great experience and claptrap is claptrap in this game, things can go wrong, but for every downside there is a benefit.

The Fyrestone Claptrap is the only Claptrap that has been designated with an actual name, Claptrap P. Claptrappington.

With this Claptrap wallpaper i made a moonstone vault logo and set it in space just like the video game. Looking through the Vault logo you can see Pandora’s Moon, Elpis. I cut out the character render and placed it in front of the iconic vault logo. Because it’s in space you got to have a nevula and asteroids. I hope you like my latest fanart with this claptrap wallpaper of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and set it as your background to pimp your desktop theme, don’t  forget to rate and if you like leave a note.

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