BLTPS – Splatter Wallpaper Pack

BLTPS - Vault Hunter Wallpaper Pack
BLTPS - Vault Hunter Wallpaper Pack

About Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Wallpaper Pack

After remastering the old Borderlands 2 wallpapers i started working on versions of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. If you want to know how the design flow on that project went follow the link above. There is quite a story on that if you are interested. It involves how the Borderlands wallpaper came about and how it evolved over time.

As you might have seen this Borderlands wallpaper pack includes all  Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Vault Hunters.

  • Athenathe Gladiator
  • Aureliathe Baroness
  • Claptrapthe Fragtrap
  • Jackthe Doppelganger
  • Nishathe Lawbringer
  • Wilhelmthe Enforcer

This Pre-Sequel  wallpaper pack seems like a easy job to do after the Borderlands 2 Pack, but let me tell you it took quite a while creating all this content  by hand and uploading it to the site. So show your support by simple sharing the content with a like, tweet or +1. Enjoy my  fanart with this Vault Hunter  Wallpaper Pack of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel   and set it as your background to pimp your desktop theme, don’t  forget to rate and if you like leave a note.

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