Destiny 2 Wallpaper Pack

Destiny 2 Wallpaper Pack - Preview
Destiny 2 Wallpaper Pack - Preview



About Destiny 2 Wallpaper Pack

Buy Destiny 2 from Amazon

Buy Destiny 2 from Amazon

Hey Guys, i created some kickass Destiny 2 Wallpapers that you can use as a background for your PC or mobile phone. You can choose between a few of your favorite guardians Cayde-6, Hawthorne, Ikora, and Zavala or maybe you just want the sweet guardians keyart version.

This Destiny  wallpaper pack took quite a while to create and uploading it to the site. Please show your support by simple sharing the content with a like, tweet or +1. Enjoy

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  1. Tortitude CC

    I am having a really hard time deciding which of your backgrounds to use on my phone xD i still have alani from a while back but i am always tempted to change it whenever i see new stuff

    • MentalMars

      Sorry but I have more stuff plannen. You can set one wallpaper as unlock screen and one as menu background 😉

  2. Nick Hook


  3. Ben Mibus

    Matt Quigley


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