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Double Shot Psycho Wallpaper – Borderlands 2

Doubleshot Psycho Wallpaper - Borderlands 2
Doubleshot Psycho Wallpaper - Borderlands 2


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About this Borderlands 2 Wallpaper

When Borderlands 2 was being released back in  2012 there was a lot of media coverage about the game. Often this wallpaper (or the  crossing the lines wallpaper) would be used as featured image on the article. But what most people probably don’t know is that it is actually a wallpaper made by me. The idea of this wallpaper was to recreate the image that was shown at the end of some of the Borderlands 2 trailers, an similar image that also ended up on the coverart of the game. Sadly after my creation some handy photoshopper removed my watermark and got re-uploaded a bunch of times. Some sites still use it as a featured image on their Borderlands 2 HUB page (just like me).


So i wanted this Borderlands 2 wallpaper on my site for some time now, but when i was preparing this wallpaper i  needed to update a few things to it. I realigned the images in the ink/blood splatter.  Fixed a splatter that didn’t match the overal design and added some more contrast to the overal splatter effect. I relocated the Borderlands 2 Logo to overlap the Psycho this time around. Back in 2012  i didn’t think it was the right thing to do so i placed the logo to the side, but it makes more sense to align the logo in the center.

Doubleshot Psycho Wallpaper Update - Borderlands 2

Double Shot Psycho Wallpaper Update – Borderlands 2


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