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Evolve – Kraken Wallpaper

Evolve Wallpaper - Kraken
Evolve Wallpaper - Kraken


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About Evolve and the Kraken Wallpaper

With the positive feedback i have been getting from creating the Goliath wallpaper and Turtle Rock Studios releasing footage from the new monster that is present in the Evolve game, it was time to make something like that, but not quite the same. Already did that with the second hunt wallpaper that you can also find on my website. So at E3 Turtle Rock Studios showed the first footage off their new monster, the Kraken, it’s a Octopus kind of monster. While the first monster, the Goliath, is more close ranged the Kraken is a long range monster. It’s a bit weaker but has the advantage of it’s long range attacks.The Kraken is a water type monster that is able to fly and shoot electric storms onto the hunter. This kraken wallpaper was just a quick test at first, i needed a new skin so took that of a elephant and because the Kraken has got 4 eyes i simply took those of my other evolve wallpaper. Just to look if it was possible to create a good composition where i could highlight a hunter in each of the four eyes. Surprisingly this quick “beta test” turn out so good that i could easily build upon. Making the eyes more glassy for the reflection of the hunters turned out real good, even added a bit of water underneath the eyes and on the skin to get that theme going. Also some particle effects coming out of the eyes to create the illusion of this monster being a vicious beast.

In Evolve you play as one of the four hunters or as the monster, in a asymmetrical multiplayer game you will be undergo a 4v1 battle. The hunter team will consist out of a Assault, Medic, Trapper or Support class, these players will need to work as a team to be able to take down the Monster. As the one Monster is weak at first it is able to evolve and become strong enough to take on the four hunters. But before it can get there it will need to feed of the wildlife that is present in the level, so sneaking and caution is needed. With every move you make as Monster you leave little clues for the hunters to track you down, so outsmart your opponent and prevail in battle.  Once the monster reaches stage 3 of his evolution it’s strong enough to take down the Hunters but he can also choose to destroy a generator that’s located in the map, this will force a epic battle between both parties.

Let me know if you  like my fanart with this Kraken wallpaper of Evolve and set it as your background to decorate your desktop, don’t  forget to rate and if you like leave a note.

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