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Evolve Wallpaper – Classes

Evolve Wallpaper - Classes
Evolve Wallpaper - Classes


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About Evolve Wallpaper

Evolve Logo Wallpaper

Evolve Logo Wallpaper

The name and the logo of evolve are very good thoughtout. It tells you something about the gameplay mechanic, the ability of the monster to evolve into a bigger beast. But the game also features a 4 versus 1 gameplay mechanic. 4 Hunters versus 1 Monster  and that reflects in the logo. The first 4 letters then the V that also stands for versus. And as last the E but the bar that holds the letter has the exact same size as the four letters that represent the 4 hunters. This showcases that the two opposing teams are equally match in strength. This Evolve Wallpaper replaces the text of the logo with the player classes. Assault, Trapper, Medic, Support & Monster.This wallpaper is based of my previous Evolve Wallpaper that showcases the original logo. If you like that check out the evolve wallpaper that’s highlighted on the right. But hopefully you got here for this new Evolve Wallpaper, let me know what you think  and set it as your  wallpaper  to decorate as your background theme. Don’t  forget to rate, follow and share.

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