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Evolve Wallpaper – Second Hunt

Evolve Wallpaper – Second Hunt
Evolve Wallpaper – Second Hunt


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About Evolve and the Second Hunt Wallpaper

After my success of my first Evolve Wallpaper i started thinking about a second one, no other monsters have been revealed so at this point i’m wondering what the next monster could look like. What i did have is the announcement of the second batch of hunters, Hyde, Maggie, Lazarus & Bucket. New hunters with other abilities as the original hunters, this way each class has got two playable characters to choose from at this point. First i had seen the Goliath having a red skin, so a new monster with a different color could easily be blue. With these two elements i started working out a similar themed background as the Hunter or Hunted wallpaper. Now instead of using a crocodile/dino skin texture i used a snakeskin texture and reshaped it too look more vicious, and evil eyes always lite up, right? This monster isn’t hurt, like the goliath wallpaper, by attacks from the hunters.

asymmetrical multiplayer game, Evolve, is made by Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of Left 4 Dead, places you on one of 2 teams. You play as one of the hunters or as the monster, setting you in a 4v1 battle. The hunter classes are Assault, Medic, Trapper or Support, with this team you have to play together to hunt down the monster and take it out. But if you play as the monster, it’s your job to prevent being killed and eat wildlife so you can evolve into a stronger beast.  Once your monster reaches stage 3 it is so powerful that it can take on the hunters or destroy a generator that the hunters need to protect. As the game progresses the gameplay starts to shift and the hunters can become the hunted.

Let me know if you  like my fanart with this Second Hunt wallpaper of Evolve and set it as your background to decorate your desktop, don’t  forget to rate and if you like leave a note.

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