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Fortnite Wallpaper

Fortnite Wallpaper
Fortnite Wallpaper


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About Fortnite Wallpaper

Fortnite is a new game by Epic Games, the creators of Unreal Tournament & Gears of War. You might also know them from building the Unreal Engine where a lot of AAA games are running on. But after making 3 Gear of War games Epic wanted to create something new. It’s almost Epic’s take on the Minecraft resource gathering combined with the Gears of War Horde Mode 2.0. With the 2.0 version of Horde mode, you could earn money and build defenses to build a strong and secure base. With Fortnite you can go bombs wild with that mechanic. You have to gather resources to be able to build your custom fort. But watch out because if it turns to night the zombie invasion from another dimension comes to invade your fort. You as a player have to find a portal and disable it. But in order to do so, you need time. So you build a fort around the portal to keep the hordes of zombies out so you got enough time to disable the portal.

With this Fortnite wallpaper, I used a render from a Fortnite alien enemy. As it is your job to terminate those portals I created a dimensional portal where these aliens originated from. Looking at the Fortnite gameplay footage & screenshots for a bit of reference and of course, there is lightning inside the portal. As this invasion goes along with a dark purple cloud I added these to the wallpaper. So get your screen invaded by these little creatures with my  Fortnite wallpaper, enjoy my latest fanart, and hopefully, you set it as your background to pimp your desktop theme, don’t forget to rate, and if you like leave a note.


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