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Handsome Jack “The Hero” Wallpaper – Borderlands 2

Handsome Jack The Hero Wallpaper - Borderlands 2
Handsome Jack The Hero Wallpaper - Borderlands 2


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About Handsome Jack The Hero Wallpaper

During the promotion of Borderlands 2 in 2012 Gearbox Software released a trailer ‘come and get me’.  This game trailer featured a Handsome Jack that was taunting the vault hunters and claiming he is the hero of this story. Because back then i didn’t had any quality renders of Handsome Jack and as he was becoming a fan favorite in the Borderlands Community i also wanted to make some wallpapers about him. So  i captured a screenshot from the trailer and did some polish on it to compensate for the video  compression. This wallpaper was all about making Handsome Jack the star, the hero. If we fast forward to today, i see that i wanted to make a fun wallpaper, but there are a lot of things i can fix these days. Because i want all my old work also up on the site, this Handsome Jack wallpaper got the remaster  treatment. Although i can’t compensate for all the compression i do can fix the design issues the old wallpaper has. Although i like the old ‘BAM’ i replaced it with Jack’s name and description. I replaced the starburst on the background layer and gave the wallpaper a bit more contrast and color. Enjoy these changes and if you like them please share the joy!

BL2 Handsome Jack Wallpaper Remastered


Borderlands: Debt or Alive - A Novel by Borderlands 2 writer Anthony Burch
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