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Husk Wallpaper – Fortnite

Fortnite Wallpaper - Husk - Preview
Fortnite Wallpaper - Husk - Preview


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About Fortnite Husk Wallpaper

Hey guys, so Fortnite finally released and the game has gotten some upgrades since my previous fortnite wallpaper. This game looks really fun and i see a lot of people on my twitter feed that are going to play this game. So friends here is a new fortnite wallpaper specially for you guys, go and download it using one of the buttons above, i even made a vertical version for your mobile device. Please do me a favor and use one of those social media buttons to share the joy and show your support. Thanks & Enjoy!

The Husk Wallpaper is an evolution  from the previous fortnite wallpaper as it grabs the foundation but adding to it. The “Storm” from which these zombies appear is now more representative of the actual game. This time the storm is less circular and doesn’t have the emphasis on  being a portal that pulls in it surroundings, therefore the sparkles now fly more freely. I did like this setup of a Husk coming from the storm to grab you. I added some lighting effects to fit the Husk Render more into the scene. The game’s logo also got some flair to make it stand out more or else it would have faded in with the background. This is why i added a bit more contrast to the logo, a nice touch is that the letters in the logo aren’t transparent but have their own  storm texture.

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