Battleborn Join the Jennerit Faction Wallpaper


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Join the Jennerit – Battleborn Faction Wallpaper

Battleborn Join the Jennerit Faction Wallpaper


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About this Battleborn Jennerit Faction Wallpaper

When Gearbox Software and 2K Games where announcing the Battleborn heroes i was making faction wallpapers as soon as i had a complete set. However since the launch of the game they added some additional heroes to the game. These have gotten their own individual wallpaper, however there was never a new faction wallpaper up until now. Enjoy this new Jennerit Faction Wallpaper and please be kind to share a link with your friends as it motivates me to make more, thanks!

Faction Wallpaper Pack

This wallpaper is part of the ‘Join the Battleborn faction’  Wallpaper pack.

Battleborn Faction Wallpaper Collection - Preview

Battleborn Faction Wallpaper Collection – Preview

Jennerit Faction

Learn more about the Jennerit by checking these links:


  1. Luca Mercuri

    mental have you been accepted for the 1v1 project?

    • MentalMars

      Yeah I played the 1v1 CTT

    • Luca Mercuri

      okk . cuz i saw only today thay i was accepted ahahahah… and that’s painfull.

    • MentalMars

      Ai, that is to bad. while it wasn’t a game for me personally i did like with they did with some of the things.

    • Luca Mercuri

      hope they ll make a beta later or something i wanted to see it. gg for everyone who played it. 🙂

  2. Luca Mercuri

    (back in september)


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