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Killer Instinct Wallpaper

killer instinct wallpaper
killer instinct wallpaper


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About Killer Instinct Wallpaper

Killer Instinct is a classic fighting game produced by Rare back 1994, originally this was a arcade game but would also feature on Nintendo’s SNES home console. Later on this franchise would also get a sequel on the SNES, this was due to Nintendo pushing back the release of the N64. But when the Nintendo 64 finally released Killer Instinct would get a remake in the form of Killer Instinct Gold. For a long time rumors went that the franchise would see a third installment, Rare did tease with images and easter eggs but the game never did see the light of day. Finally at E3 2013 Microsoft would present a new installment in the Killer Instinct franchise. Although Microsoft had purchased Rare back in 2002 it is Double Helix Studios who is making this new video game for Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Killer Instinct has gotten a newly updated logo and the game features inkt and splatter effects on the menu and presentation front. This look and feel inspired the creation of this Killer Instinct Wallpaper, hopefully you also like my latest fanart with this KI Wallpaper and set it as your background to decorate your desktop, don’t  forget to rate ,share and bookmark my site.

Killer Instinct Trailer

Killer Instinct Wallpaper
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