Lynchwood Wallpaper – Borderlands 2

Lynchwood Wallpaper - Borderlands 2
Lynchwood Wallpaper - Borderlands 2


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About the Lynchwood Wallpaper

Halfway thought the promotion tour of Borderlands 2 in 2012 the development team started talking about new areas so lynchwood and the sheriff crossed the revue. This sounded badass  and a concept art of the sheriff was shown in one of the ign or gameinformer videos. So i captured some screenshots as the video panned over the artwork and attached each screenshot to get a full character render. After some polish against the video compression i could use it in one of my wallpapers. The only Lynchwood environment image that was available was a screenshot with the game HUD on top of it. Therefore i layered some elements over the weapon, healthbar, and other gauges to hid them and breakaway from  the in-game first person view.  Because i need cover the minimap i decided to draw the sheriff logo with the angel wings myself. Although it was fun to do back in 2012 with the remaster i removed it also the ink/blood splatter behind the sheriff is replaced with some new splatters and color. Replaced the grudge texture in the red bar at the bottom with a seamless one, as the old one clearly  showed where the edges of the texture were.

Borderlands 2 Lynchwood Wallpaper Remastered

Borderlands 2 Lynchwood Wallpaper Remastered

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  1. Chris Beeler

    @Borderlands Awesome stuff bossman!Thank you again for your Comittment to a SUPERB franchise,and all of…

  2. Chris Beeler

    @Borderlands And I enjoy ALL of these shots U have given!It’s a whole file now of just Borderlands work…


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