Maliwan Weapon Manufacturer Wallpaper

Borderlands 3


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Maliwan Weapon Manufacturer Wallpaper

Maliwan Weapon Manufacturer Wallpaper


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About Maliwan Weapon Manufacturer Wallpaper

Maliwan is one of the weapon manufacturers in the Borderlands universe. With Borderlands 2 Maliwan specialized in elemental weapons like fire, corrosive, shock & slag. With this wallpaper i wanted to make an awesome Maliwan wallpaper that was focused on the color scheme of this weapon manufacturer.  You could see a similar pattern like this on the  weapons themselves and that’s what i wanted to bring with this wallpaper. While the theme of Maliwan is that they have a more clean design to them I mostly apply a more dirty/grudge look with my Borderlands wallpapers.

I hope you like this  Maliwan Weapon Manufacturer Wallpaper also  check out more Maliwan Wallpaper in the archive.


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