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Mechromancer Wallpaper – Borderlands 2

Mechromancer Wallpaper - Borderlands 2
Mechromancer Wallpaper - Borderlands 2


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About the Mechromancer Wallpaper

This Mechromancer wallpaper is a remastered version of a Borderlands 2 wallpaper i made back in 2013. Back then Gearbox told us during a PAX Panel that they were going to add another vault hunter to the game. Because Gearbox was still finishing up Borderlands 2 and this new character was going to be post launch dlc they only had some concept art of her. At that point in time we only knew her as the Mechromancer, just before release she was introduced as Gaige. Back then i was hyped for this game and was making a lot of Borderlands 2 wallpaper for the community. As i was making wallpaper of all the vault hunters i also wanted to make one of the upcoming vault hunter. Frankly the only thing i had available at the time where two pieces of artwork and some screenshots. In the present time i have a lot more at my disposal and also learn a few things with making game wallpapers. Because i still want all my old work up on this site, i thought it would be cool to remaster this wallpaper and give it a proper update.  Check out the 2013 and 2017 versions side-by-side :

Borderlands 2 Wallpaper - Mechromancer - Upgrade

Borderlands 2 Wallpaper – Mechromancer – Upgrade

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