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Mirrors Edge Wallpaper

Mirror's Edge Wallpaper
Mirror's Edge Wallpaper


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About Mirrors Edge Wallpaper

Mirror’s Edge is made by the studio behind the Battlefield franchise, Dice, and with this video game they wanted to make something completely different. In Mirror’s Edge you play as faith, a runner, and your job is to deliver packets  across the city. This is no normal city, everything is monitored as safety protocol for the citizens, therefore runners take the risk of delivering these packets unseen across the city rooftops. In this game you have various parkour skills and have to travel across the city with each building being an obstacle course.

With the announcement of Mirror’s Edge getting a new installment in the franchise i picked this game as the wallpaper of the week. As the first game didn’t sell that well, i think the game was good, it did something different and that’s good. So in this Mirrors Edge Wallpaper you see the iconic color pallet of the video game and the silhouette of the logo that the main characters, faith, has tattooed around her eye. Through this outline you see the skyline of the city where Mirror’s Edge takes place. I hope you also like my latest fanart with this Mirrors Edge Wallpaper and set it as your background to decorate your desktop, don’t  forget to rate ,share and bookmark my site.

BTW. The trailer got a awesome background tune, check it out!

Mirror’s Edge Trailer

Mirrors Edge Wallpaper
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