Overwatch Wallpaper - Blue



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Overwatch Wallpaper

Overwatch Wallpaper - Blue


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About Overwatch Wallpaper

Overwatch is the new game from Blizzard Entertainment. This game was build out of element from Blizzard’s secret MMO, Project Titan, that never was released. With a wide variety of playable characters you must save the world. For starters this game has a iconic logo, so i’ll better us it for my first wallpaper 😉 Also i noticed that blue was a trending color in the overall design on the Overwatch website. Also research has discovered that 57% males and 35% females picked blue as their favorite color. So hopefully i picked the right color and you like my first fanart with this Overwatch wallpaper of Blizzard’s newest franchise. If you set it as your background to pimp your desktop theme, don’t  forget to rate, share or leave a note.

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