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Titanfall – Titans Wallpaper

Titanfall Wallpaper
Titanfall Wallpaper



About This Wallpaper

Took my inspiration from the design of the exclusive Titanfall Xbox One Controller, implied it to the borders of this wallpaper. With the center section i wanted to create a bit of a sci-fi setting. I also used the big A logo and the Titan Hud display to create the Titanfall Look & Feel. And what is a Titanfall Wallpaper without a few titans 😉
Titanfall is the first game of Respawn Entertainment a new studio with some of the core guys that developed Call of Duty. With Titanfall Respawn Entertainments tries to blend Single-Player and Multi-Player together into one mode. In this first person shooter you will be fighting in groups of 6 versus 6, as this may seem low the game adds AI driven soldiers onto the battlefield. This way the game doesn’t feel dull. With the ability to wall-run, double jump and calling in Titans Titanfall creates a whole new level of gameplay. As you may have noticed with my wallpaper Titanfall will feature 3 kinds of Titans, a heavy (Ogre), a fast (Stryder) and a allround (Atlas) Titan. Also the gear/load-out of your soldier/pilot will be customize-able.
Titanfall will be released on PC, Xbox One & Xbox 360
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