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Titanfall Wallpaper – Standby for Titanfall

Standby for Titanfall Wallpaper


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About This Wallpaper:

Titanfall is the first game of Respawn Entertainment a new studio with some of the core guys that developed Call of Duty. With Titanfall Respawn Entertainments tries to blend Single-Player and Multi-Player together into one mode. In this first person shooter you will be fighting in groups of 6 versus 6, as this may seem low the game adds AI driven soldiers onto the battlefield. This way the game doesn’t feel dull. With the ability to wall-run, double jump and calling in Titans Titanfall creates a whole new level of gameplay. As you may have noticed with my wallpaper Titanfall will feature 3 kinds of Titans, a heavy (Ogre), a fast (Stryder) and a allround (Atlas) Titan. Also the gear/load-out of your soldier/pilot will be customize-able.

Standby for Titanfall, the game will be released on PC, Xbox One & Xbox 360

You can find me and my Titanfall Wallpapers on the Respawn forum.

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