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Toby’s Friendship Raid Wallpaper

Battleborn Friendship Raid Wallpaper - Mobile Preview

Battleborn Friendship Raid Wallpaper – Mobile Preview

Battleborn Toby's Friendship Raid Wallpaper - Preview

Battleborn Toby’s Friendship Raid Wallpaper – Preview


1920x1200 1920x1080 HD Vertical - Mobile

About Toby’s Friendship Raid Wallpaper

Community Member @vaguetuba4 is a bit of a fan of Toby. He just upgraded to a new PC and immediately added a Toby wallpaper to his desktop. Since it has been a while that I made any new Battleborn wallpapers and I like to surprise people, I started making a new wallpaper featuring Toby.

This wallpaper uses the Toby’s Friendship Raid background and the Rogue faction colors. I added a render from Toby into the frame, he has got a cool pose. I needed to recolor him a bit to make him blend into the environment. On top of that, I added the laser effect and some additional glow to Toby so it looks like the laser is actually there and part of the scene. My Laser VFXs are not 100% accurate according to the game, but hey, I’m not Michel Garne (He did all the hand-drawn FX’s in Battleborn).

BTW. Did you know Toby’s laser shots are actually shaped like fishbones? That’s why I added the highlights in the laser that jump around. I did make a video about hidden VFX’s in Battleborn. You should check it out.

There are HD landscape versions for your desktop and I even made a vertical version for your mobile device. Please show your support and use one of those social media buttons to share the joy or leave a like. Thanks & Enjoy!

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