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Vladof Wallpaper – Borderlands

Vladof Wallpaper - Borderlands - Preview
Vladof Wallpaper - Borderlands - Preview


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About Vladof Wallpaper

The design of this Borderlands wallpaper was inspired by an indie game called ‘Luftrausers’ produced by the Dutch indie developer Vlambeer. I had heard about the game a while back but actually never took a look at it. Until last week when I was browsing through video game merchandise and came across a t-shirt with this interesting design. If you take a look at the Vladof wallpaper above you see the red bullet lines, the Luftrausers design has a similar setup but multiple layers of planes. The style of the design gave me a bit of a Russian propaganda vibe. This is also a look that Gearbox Software gave to the weapon manufacturer, Vladof, in Borderlands 2. The red star in the Vladof logo is also an indication of that. Mostly when I create new wallpapers there is always a period of discovery. With this design that wasn’t the case. I’m not saying it’s a direct copy of the wallpaper but there was a clear vision in mind. It also helps that there are not a lot of visual (lighting) effects. Vladof weapons are all about a high fire rate and that is something I wanted to showcase with this wallpaper. The color pallet for this look was pulled from the Vladof manufacturer trailer that 2K Games put out during the promotion for Borderlands 2.

I hope you like this Vladof wallpaper and if you start using this one or any of my other Borderlands wallpapers as your background image, send me a photo or screenshot. I love to see you use it as it also motivates me to make more cool stuff for you. Thanks & Enjoy!

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