Zero Skill Tree Wallpaper

BL2 - Zero Skill Tree Wallpaper
BL2 - Zero Skill Tree Wallpaper


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About BL2 and Zero Skill Tree Wallpaper

Zero the Assassin has the ability to throw out a decoy and cloak itself.

Place your desktop icons into the grids of this Zero Skill tree wallpaper. This desktop background is based of the Borderlands 2 interface (HUD). Enjoy and if you set it as your background to pimp your desktop theme, don’t  forget to rate, comment & share.

Want to customize Zero’s Skill Tree ? Check out the official skill tree calculator.


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  1. Randy Pitchford

    @Borderlands I like this one.

  2. ExitioRegem

    I’m going through your website, and i’m loving the Maliwan wallpapers. 😀


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